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All About Us

Both from TN, we are a country man and woman at heart. We're both super family oriented and care deeply about cultivating relationships within our own physical and spiritual families. We love eating out, a nice adventure in nature, bowling from time to time, and will ALWAYS take on a new Netflix series.  We love the simple things that most people may love, but most importantly we live lives surrendered to Christ.

Professionally, we both obtained our bachelor's degree from colleges in TN. Aaron obtained his degree in Liberal Studies from Middle TN State University. Shell obtained her degree in Psychology from the University of TN and went on to obtain her master's degree in Organizational Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.


Aaron is  a certified minister through the TN School of Ministry. Shell is a certified life coach through the Christian Coach Institute!


Our testimony is one of redemption from divorce and addiction (check out our Youtube channel) and it is through our new found life in Christ that we have been inspired to go into ministry to help other men and women.

We value deep friendships and wouldn’t trade our tribe for the world. We thrive off of getting to know people’s stories and their life experiences. We invite you to share in our walk with HIM. Our hope is that you'll form a deeper connection with A Radical Relationship, cultivate THE radical relationship (with God), and grow within your other radical relationships through coaching and community. 

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