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A Radical Relationship: Have You Broken Your Alabaster Box

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Mark 14:3-9

Here’s the story of a girl who has always had what almost anyone could ask for. She never necessarily had an abundant supply of anything but she always had everything she needed and the favor of God has been on her life since birth. You name it. She had it. She was high school valedictorian and class president. She went to college on a full ride and graduated with honors. She pledged a sorority in college and had “Mr. Right”. After graduating college she got a job with an awesome company that allowed her to travel and relocate. Even after moving to a foreign city she had no problems meeting awesome people and finding another awesome guy. I know this story all too well because it is mine. Although there are a lot of missing details in between you get the point. All my life I’ve literally had everything I could ask for. I didn’t always have everything I wanted but I’ve always been in a great position in life despite the circumstances I came from and that was all because of God. But even with “having it all” it simply was not enough.

Recently I took a step back to examine my life. I thought man I have an awesome job, I make good money, I’m pursuing a master’s degree for FREE, I have an awesome support system, and God has given me the man of my dreams…..and yet I still feel empty. I felt empty because even though God had showered me with blessings galore he needed to know that I was willing to break my alabaster box. He needed to know that I was willing to give it all up if that is what it took to walk in the purpose that he has for me. As a result of that I’ve been in hiding. Not sharing a lot of my life with others because I don’t want them to see the glory of the things that God has blessed me with and neglect what God took me through to get me here.

Isolation. That’s a word that no one likes to hear but clearly God loves. I mentioned that after I graduated college I got a great job and had the opportunity to relocate. Well that was God’s way of taking me away from everything I’d ever known and placing me in a foreign land in order to prepare me for greater. I soon realized that my relationship with Christ was not all I made it out to be and studied out the Bible and got re-baptized which changed my life in a way in which I know I will NEVER be the same. It doesn’t feel good to have to be in a quiet season in which God wants you all to himself but man how awesome is it to know that the almighty God wants you all to himself. Often the places that we fear going are the places we need the most.

So my question to you is have you broken you alabaster box? Have you given God everything? Have you decided in your heart that no matter what it takes giving up that you are willing to live a sacrificial life in order to spend eternity with him? The awesome thing about the alabaster box is that it was filled with very expensive perfumes that were not easily come by and was being saved for a very special occasion and yet we see the woman in Mark 14 surrendering it all up to Jesus even with persecution in her ear. What’s in your alabaster box? A relationship? A job? Your comfort level? School? Friends? What is it that you value the most that the thought of giving it away makes you cringe? Release that thing. I’m such a testimony that the plans of the Lord are MUCH greater than ANYTHING our feeble human brains could ever attain. At the point that you decide to step out on faith God is ready and willing to meet you exactly where you are.

Yours in love,


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