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To The One I Love Most

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

As I sit here reflecting on the fact that today is the second biggest day of my life (the first was when I was baptized and made Jesus Lord) I thought it would only be appropriate to make time to do a blog this morning. Naturally, I have no clue where to start.

I was reflecting on Ephesians 5 this morning in my quiet time and just what God calls me to as  a wife to Jonathan. He calls me to submit to Jonathan as unto Christ and that scripture looked very different to me this morning. It begged the question, how do I submit to Christ? What does that look like? I came up with a few different things.

  1. I trust God with my life. I would never think that he ever has any ill intentions for me. I trust that even when I do not understand that he has my best interest at heart and is doing what he feels is best for me. So I should submit to Jonathan with the exact same mindset. Interesting.

  2. I would give up everything for God. Because of the aforementioned in number 1 there is absolutely no ends that I would not go to for Christ because he went to the farthest end for me. Wherever he tells me to go I will, because despite whether or not I understand I know that it’s working together for the good. So I should submit to Jonathan with the exact same mindset. Interesting.

I thought about these things and I just thought wow the world and satan try to tell me something completely different. They try to tell me that I can’t trust him 100%, that I always need to make sure I look out for myself no matter what, that I should question his decisions because I have a brain of my own, and lastly that I don’t need him. All these things could not be farther from the truth and my eyes are opened to that in a completely different way. I’m amazed at how I’ve looked at that Ephesians 5 scripture numerous times in the past and today the eyes with which I read and the brain with which I interpreted saw something completely different than what I’ve been reading. Same words. Whole new meaning.

So today I’ll stand in front of over 200 people and I will express my love for Jon, but my first love is responsible for even the love that Jonathan and I are able to share. My first love has taught me that love has no boundaries. Love leaves what is comfortable to be humbled in order that others might benefit. Love sacrifices. Love forgives. Love shows mercy. Love extends grace. Love edifies. Love prunes. Love builds up. And love lasts.

I owe everything to my first love. Even as I type this blog my heart is just filled with so much joy with all he has done for me. For us. Wow. He has taken two completely broken individuals from small towns in TN and North Carolina and he has allowed us to experience what a true love through close relationship with him truly feels like. I’m humbled. I’m not worthy to be called a daughter of a living king and be used in such a way. I’m humbled because he continues to see things in me that I can’t even fathom in myself. I’m humbled because today is only the beginning of the start of a lifetime not just with Jonathan, but experiencing Christ in a whole new way.

So to the one I love most, thank you. Words cannot do justice as to how grateful I truly am for your amazing work in my life. I wish I could shout from a rooftop right now. JESUS IS LORD!!!! You keep proving that over and over in my life. Mark my words. I’ll never walk away from this. I’ll never forsake the faith because there is something absolutely beautiful that awaits me on the other side when I see you face to face. You are most holy and oh so mighty to be praised, but our simple words cannot even do justice for what you deserve. Who am I to be used by an amazing God like you? Who am I to be blessed with an amazing son of yours like Jonathan. Who are we to be chosen to experience such a blessing as marriage in God’s kingdom. My cup runneth over Father and on today my only prayer is that you be glorified. I love you more than words can express.


Your daughter.

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