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When Death Knocks

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I wonder what my uncle thought about as he laid in ICU with a missing limb, head shaved, and only blurred vision of what life truly was for him. I wonder as all the tubes ran through his body and as he went in and out of induced sleep what were the thoughts that frequented his mind most. I wonder how much he pondered exactly what was about to happen if breath left his body. I wonder if he thought about what the encounter with Christ might entail. I wonder if he thought about the life he’d lived and exactly what that may mean for his eternity. I wonder what people he thought about that he would want to ask forgiveness. I wonder what people he would want called in so that he could say something he’s always wanted to say. I wonder what his regrets were. I wonder what things he was glad that he had done. I wonder what things he wished he had done. I wonder if he had a clear memory of what life truly was like before his accident. I wonder if he remembered my mom and all the laughs they shared in her house. Or if he remembered my dad and all the BBQ they cooked in their lifetime. I wonder if he remembered all the people he made laugh. I wonder if his life flashed before him at some point and if so what did he think of his life. Was he satisfied? Were there a lot of things he wish he had done differently? Did he even fully comprehend that he was on the brink of meeting his creator and facing the deeds of his life.

I attended a poetry event soon after my honeymoon and one of the poets made a very compelling statement. He said how much more impactful would funerals be if people didn’t get up and talk about the person as if they had been a Christian their entire life. How much more impactful would it be if people talked about the kind of life that person truly lived and what that could mean for their eternity.  He was on to something. You see there’s a epidemic that has swept the world in which people feel as though they have the right to profess something with their mouth that their life does not align with. There is a very enticing epidemic in which one can proclaim to know a God whom their actions say is not truly Lord of their life. I must say it is a very sad epidemic indeed. But as sad as it is it is even more dangerous. Dangerous because souls are at stake. Like my uncle at any moment we could find ourselves separated from eternity for only a matter of a few more days. If it happens to be you one day on your death bed what would your final thoughts be like? Would there be panic at what the future may hold after you’ve taken your last breath? Or would there be anticipation in knowing you are finally about to meet the Lord and Savior that you’ve lived a life poured out for?

Attending my uncle’s funeral was an amazing experience. It was amazing because no one talked about him as if he’d lived a perfect life. His death was such an awesome reminder of the mercy that God extends to us every single day. In the blink of an eye things changed for my uncle. He didn’t think when he woke up that day that it’d be the last day he’d live outside of an ICU room. He didn’t think when he got on his motorcycle that it would be his last ride and eventually lead to the death of him. Even more I don’t think he thought that he’d be on the brink of meeting his creator so soon. There was something awesome that took place that weekend. Human beings were reminded that the soul that resides inside us all should be our true focus in life. Many people were reminded of the reality that a heaven or hell awaits us and that we have to make a very sober decision between life or death.

Even as I write this after listening to a very powerful message from Corneilus Lindsey my heart breaks for the lost. My heart breaks for those who have fallen away, for those who have backslidden, and for those who simply refuse to believe the truth. What does it take for God to get our attention was the question Corneilus posed. He asked if it will take losing your job, your car, or your boyfriend/girlfriend? For my uncle it took having a limb removed, multiple surgeries, and being in ICU for 2 months to really help him grasp the fact that an eternity awaits once we leave this Earth. What will it take for you? Even for the disciple, what does it take for God to keep your attention and for us to not make idols out of other meaningless things.

I heard an important question asked while with my family a few weeks ago. We understand that many people profess Jesus to be Savior, but is he your Lord? Does he call the shots in your life? Are your decisions based around what he calls you to do and what he asks of you. Does the Bible truly dictate your life? Does it dictate the things you choose to entertain, how you choose to spend your time, who you choose to hang out with and be in a relationship with, how you choose to treat people, and your biggest commitments in life? Is Jesus truly LORD? Does he truly RULE? Are you truly SURRENDERED to his good and perfect will for your life?

If the answer to these questions are no or if there be any hesitation in your yes please please please PLEASE know that you’re in danger. You’re in danger of one day meeting your creator and not receiving a “well done my good and faithful servant.” You’re in danger of a fire that you can’t escape and an eternity of regret. But there is good news. God would that no one perish. God would that NO ONE perish. God so desperately longs to welcome you with open arms into his kingdom. God’s love is so amazing you all. It’s so great that nothing could ever separate us from it. There’s nothing that we could do in life that would ever cause God to forsake us. Even in our awful sin God simply longs to clean us up and make us whole again. God’s love is overwhelming.

Revelation 3:20 Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.

Choose this day to share a meal with God as friends. Not as enemies or strangers.

Scripture References: Luke 15: 11-32, Romans 8:31-39, Jeremiah 31:3


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