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Not ready for coaching?
Not a problem!

Below you'll find additional ways outside of coaching to connect with me and benefit from what I have to offer.


Consider a clarity call if you don't quite need the long term work of coaching, but would like to chat through a specific scenario and get some help with direction.


I also love connecting with women through hosting workshops and seminars to provide helpful resources and tips on various topics as we all look to continue to grow and mature. This platform gives me the opportunity to take areas that I've been challenged in and help others by sharing the information I was able to gain and tips that worked for me as I worked through these different areas. 

Below you'll find seminars that I've hosted or recorded that have replays available for purchase. 

Learn more about what


is and how I've


my own codependent ways in

both romantic relationships

and friendships.

Learn more about the roots of emotional awareness, practical steps to become more emotionally aware, and tips for continuing to mature in this area. 

Learn more about how to define
love and self love Biblically,
gain questions for introspection,
get clarity on where love begins
and how it takes form, and tips
on where to start with maturing
in this area.

Get an Invoice.

Please provide your contact information below and choose the workshop you're interested in purchasing. 

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